Betsy DeVos Leads Change in Washington D.C.

We are living through some of the most fascinating times in recent American political history. The election of Donald Trump and the corresponding climate shift in Washington D.C. has been something that people throughout the world are hopelessly glued to watching. Donald Trump, now President Trump, campaigned on becoming someone who would drain the political swamp while shifting American politics toward focusing on American policies. After assuming office, President Trump immediately set out to establish a cabinet that was filled with movers and shakers that would be able to champion his ‘America First’ political identity. Of the many different cabinet members, some of which have already departed from the administration, is Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education for the United States and a symbol of conservative America addressing educational policies. Unfortunately, Betsy DeVos came to D.C. without much of a national footprint. In order to understand her goals better, we must look at who she is as a person and where she has come from.


Betsy DeVos has been outside of the window of mainstream politics for the better part of the past thirty years, but that hasn’t stopped her from working steadfastly to make a difference. While DeVos had never held a political position in government before her nomination to Secretary of Education, she had made sure to work her way up the ranks as a civilian. Married to Dick DeVos, Betsy and Dick are heirs to two of the largest fortunes in the state of Michigan. Rather than sitting back and resting on their wealth, the DeVos family has become an icon of the conservative movement toward revamping education across the nation.


If you had to talk to Betsy DeVos about one thing, and one thing only, you would probably choose to ask her about school choice. School choice is the mantle that conservatives have taken up in their hunt to reform education as a whole on a national level. Like many conservatives, Betsy DeVos believes in treating both religious and non-religious educational facilities with the same gloves. She believes in allowing secular schools to have the same benefits as non-secular schools and she has tirelessly worked to prove that school choice could be a success. You need only look at the Potter’s House facility as an example of how the school choice movement can succeed. The DeVos family have worked tirelessly to prop up the Potter’s House Christian School as an icon of their movement and they have succeeded, filling the facility with energetic students that are thirsty to learn and succeed.


In the political world of Michigan, Betsy DeVos became something of a big fish in a little pond. It was clear early on that she had loftier ambitions and aspirations, so when President Trump came calling she had to answer. In Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos has quickly proven herself to be something of a political heavyweight. Not only has DeVos been capable of handling political adversaries, but she has also proven adept at handling her own party. The future is bright for DeVos and the realm of education.


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