Betsy Devos: Securing the Future of the American Student

The problem that many people had with Betsy DeVos is that they did not know her or understand her political policies. There were even some that were under the naïve assumption that she did not work in the public-school sector at all, or that she even understood the education problem at all. In a 2013 interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos assures the public that she knows more than enough about the problem with education in America. She wonders if many of the parents that were against her actually understand the severity of the problem as it stands from their point of view. As Secretary of Education, she is simply expected to work over the system and create a better program for students, but parents are in a position of much more power where they can actually dictate where their children go to school.


The notion that parents can send their children to schools based on free choice, is called school choice and this is something that Betsy DeVos has been campaigning for throughout much of her career. She believes that parents should have more of a say in where their children attend schools and should not be shackled to a dying district simply because they live in a certain neighborhood. In fact, she believes that the consequences of ZIP Code are entirely unfair and parents can’t be expected to send their children to subpar institutions because they live in a certain area.


Luckily, there are options available and this network of options is growing every single day. With politicians like Betsy DeVos, these programs feel more at ease growing their student base and seeking more funding. It gives them the opportunity that they need to compete with public-school systems, who are established and have guaranteed students. In fact, these programs offer a different type of education for students because they are taught differently. Parents can see children flourish under a different type of system that is not carved out in stone. One of the biggest problems with public schools is that they refuse to change, or they simply are capable of it. These private institutions are built around change and always seek to use the most recent information to help with their students reach their goals.


Betsy DeVos doesn’t want to be the cause of the public schools’ demise. She wants to be the cause of change. It seems that the only way to secure this type of change is to allow students to make choices about where they want to go. It is her hope that these choices will push people to work harder and make bigger sweeping changes. In any case, these alternative methods continue to grow and become available for students. Online education is one of the biggest growing sectors and one that Betsy DeVos recommends for students who may not be able to afford private schools. These online schools give them a taste of the private school system at a public-school cost. It is apparent that public schools will soon become obsolete for the American student.


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