Cosmetic Designer Doe Deere Gives Away The Secrets To Success

Doe Deere, is a successful entrepreneur, and the creator of the highly preferred Lime Crime cosmetic brand. She says, her cosmetics are meant to inspire women and guys around the world to be confident about their look and choose their own identity. It was important for Deere, to choose her own path; she had a desire for bright colors, and refused to listen her naysayers. She began to market products to her friends at the early age of thirteen and realized she loved being an entrepreneur. She popularized novelty tattoos by wearing them, and then began to sell them to her friends. Learn more:

Early on, Deere, knew how important it was to take risks, and was one of the first designers in the cosmetic industry to use a super-foil base for her cosmetics. Super-foil velvetine matte products go on moist and dry to perfection. The Lime Crime brand offers a unique color blend of lipstick and eye-shadow products. Her products give your lips and eye-lids a superior look that is unmatched by their competitors. In fact, they’re completely waterproof and eliminate the need for multiple applications throughout the day. Her products provide a long lasting hold that is guaranteed safe for all skin types.

Lime Crime comes in bold colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet and demand bold wearers who aren’t afraid of trying new colors. Deere, has created a line of products that empowers her wearers to find their true identity. Discover your unique color blend and change the way you approach each day. Her makeup will give you confidence with a new hairdo, or outfit. You can find a list of exclusive LC products listed on their website. They offer many free shipping offer deals on select products and purchasing amounts. Get bold color options from Lime Crime shipped to your door today.