Flavio Maluf Reveals Eucatex’ Latest Deal

The Brazilian business environment presents a lot of opportunities to those willing to pursue them. One of those who take advantage of the supportive climate is Flavio Maluf who knows the exact areas of growth. Being a CEO, the leader knows the type of decisions to make in every situation. This is why he was pleased to tell the public about his company’s recent partnership. Eucatex, which Flavio Maluf has led since 2000, made a business dealership with Duratex and have agreed to work collaboratively towards success. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

The proudly announced deal

Flavio Maluf proudly announced that Duratex willingly entered into an agreement with Eucatex to do business together. Eucatex is planning to give its Capao Bonito firm to Duratex in exchange for a factory firm in Botucatu. Flavio Maluf explained that with the authorization of the Botucatu firm, the company will be able to expand its production through the available materials. That plant currently has over 200 employees with an approximated production of up to 200,000m3.

The dealership announcement was made after Flavio Maluf consulted his employees. As the president, he has always believed that the best way to lead is by bringing everyone on board. He had announced that the new dealership will be approved by the CADE regulatory organization. Together with the employees, FlavioMaluf is hopeful that the deal will help the company meet the needs of the communities and other stakeholders. The Botucatu plant will help the company access more materials at affordable price thereby increasing the profit margins.

Flavio Maluf’s excellent leadership skills

The exemplary leader is the current president of the company. Flavio Maluf is extremely skilled in running a business and has great experience in the business world. His success has been associated with his educational background. Flavio Maluf is believed to have accessed education in highly prestigious institutions in Sao Paulo. This exposure has given him the distinct advantage of entering the business platform as well as become a successful leader at Eucatext and other organizations like Grand Food. Flavio Maluf currently has a personal blog where he offers advice in relation to the business climate. His resourcefulness will surely continue to influence Eucatex.

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