How Louis Chenevert’s Leadership Catapulted UTC

Louis Chenevert is a man with an enviable record of accomplishments. His career highlights have left indelible marks on the path of success, with a lasting impact in all the organizations he has been. He is a capable leader who believes in leaving a place better than he found it.

Louis Chenevert has propelled several organizations where he has worked. His ten-year stay at General motors preceded his work with Pratt & Whitney business unit where he worked for six years. Pratt and Whitney is a business unit of the UTC, to which he got appointed as the president in 1999. Being a man of progress, Chenevert had his star rising, and after seven years he was elected as the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the entire UTC in April 2008. He held this position until 2014 when he resigned.

His stay at UTC has been marked with a spectacular performance, even thriving in difficult times. His leadership and vision have been an asset for the company. His business acumen led him to grow the conglomerate, focusing on acquisitions. His focus on the purchase of Goodrich was a significant success, with the company settling for a deal of $18.6 billion.

Chenevert believes in employing the right technology and the right people. His commitment to people is seen in his policies and the projects he has initiated for the organization. He was the architect of the employee scholar program, which has benefited over 40,000 UTC employees. His leadership style has been marked by a forward-thinking approach with an apparent ability to pick out projects that can further the company’s objective. He gets credited with the success of significant successes of UTC, including driving UTC to be the sole supplier of the F-35 engine to the US government. The company has earned the reputation of assembling advanced jet engines.

A leader who fails in establishing a successor and systems to carry on his vision has failed. Chenevert understands this too well and has succeeded. Even after leaving UTC, his vision still lives on. The performance of Gregory Hayes is an illustration of the success of Chenevert in modeling success.