Joel Friant is Shaking up Habaneros

Diet and health researchers are abuzz about the benefits of capsaicin, the component chili peppers that gives them their heat and kick. Observations and preliminary research at I.W.U and Texas A&M suggest that capsaicin provides numerous health benefits for circulatory and digestive health. Capsaicin can also stimulate endorphins and appears to help eliminate infections. The favorable effects of chili peppers can not be ignored.

It also can’t be ignored that chili peppers taste great.

Joel Friant, investor, mentor, and entrepreneur fell in love with the taste of chili peppers and named the habanero, a flavorful firecracker that averages about 30 times hotter than its relative the jalapeno, his absolute favorite pepper. Used extensively Yucatan cooking, it has an almost identical taste and heat value to the scotch bonnet making it an excellent addition to Jamaican recipes as well.

In 1995, frustrated with the lack of a pure, dried, salt-free habanero flakes, Joel Friant developed the Habanero Shaker, a bottle of unadulterated habanero pepper goodness, dried and cut to a size that can be sprinkled upon everything, adding a touch of habanero to anything and everything. Drying the habanero helps round out and complete the flavor of the habanero, and Joel Friant shaker bottle creates a convenient and easy way to add the right touch of heat and flavor to all foods. Currently being sold on Amazon, Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker provides an approximate six month supply of the mouth-watering and healthy heat of the Habanero, conveniently packaged for ease of use.

The Habanero Shaker is just another example of Joel Friant’s commitment to health, he begins his day with a bike ride and believes that positive thoughts are critical to success. Keeping up with his many projects and investments demands a good attitude and healthy outlook and habaneros keep him happy.

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