Kim Dao’s night in Paris

YouTube Vlogger Kim Dao recently vlogged about a shopping trip in Paris. She found a jacket she bought in Denmark and realized it was about twenty dollars cheaper in Paris. Kim Dao found many amazing clothing finds in the shopping districts in paris. Kim and her friend Sophie quit shopping for a bit for a lunch break that included french cheese or better known as fro-mage. Kim’s video out and about on the streets of Paris highlight all of the wonderful architectural features of the historic buildings. Kim Dao and her friend Sophie were able to find some fun finds at Chanel and other upscale boutiques around Paris. They walked through most of Paris and tried to figure out the subway system but admitted it was relatively confusing. Kim found a dress from Zara that she saw in Denmark. They did not have her size in Denmark so she was extremely happy to find it in Paris. She also bought two of the same shirts because she liked how they fit, one was burgundy and one was cream colored. Kim’s friend Sophie found a stylish jacket that says “you” on the back and a dressy white shirt. After a long day out shopping they rested in their hotel room for a bit before going out for dinner and enjoying a beautiful night in Paris. Learn more: