Madison Street Capital Awards

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking company, was awarded the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year for being the sole adviser to Sachs Capitol Group. The award highlights the company’s ability to help navigate complex transactions.


Madison Street Capital’s driving force is to build strong companies all over the United States. They specialize in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. With offices in the US, Africa and Asia, and their corporate headquarters in Chicago, they offer middle marketing investment banking, restructuring services, advisory services, valuation for financial reporting and many other services. With clients in many different industries, Madison Street Capital is a front runner for business growth and financial progress.


The services that Madison Street Capital offers allow their clients to become global leaders in their industries. Madison Street Capital helps their clients achieve their goals and take them seriously, adopting them as their own goals when working with clients. Emerging markets are a big focus for the company, and they see the value of helping these companies grow in the global marketplace. Madison Street Capital offers services to clients around the world and continues to expand their portfolio with an expertise and guidance that is unmatched and unwavering by other companies in this business realm.


Madison Street Capital was among 275 companies that were eligible for awards and judged by and independent jury of experts in the field. The M&A Advisor is the company who presents the award and has presented awards for over 20 years to companies that excel in their practices. The company was founded to offer insights to mergers and acquisitions as well as become an industry leader in the field. There are seven awards given per year from the M&A Advisor and highlight companies in different areas of expertise.


Highlighting the hard work of merging and acquisitions support that companies offer and assist other companies with is the basis for the M&A Adivsor award that Madison Street Capital won. It is an honor to receive such an award, but the company continues to provide excellent service with a knowledgeable and professional staff regardless of recognition. Madison Street Capital reputation is of the highest caliber.


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