Matt Badiali, the Re-known Geologist and Entrepreneur

     Speak about all-rounded men, and the name of Matt Badiali will not miss in the list. He is a flexible individual who can fit in any place in the world. Global corporations in countries like Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mexico, among others know about his 20 year expertise in mining.

Matt Badiali has a tight grip in matters that concern mining, energy and farming. In his prospects, his wealth includes oil wells, mines, and drill rigs that give back gains in form of sold natural resources.

As a researcher, he has contracts in many parts of the world and his accuracy is what makes him a favorite geologist in the world. The precision comes because Matt Badiali is a person who likes seeing something for himself instead of sending a representative from his company. His interests and investments are also closely monitored. He believes that if you cannot see it for yourself, then the vision is bound to fail.

Badiali is certain that contacts with stakeholders and other leaders in the field will add more knowledge on the trends, technology advancements in the mining and agricultural sectors. This knowledge is applied in his role as a teacher of geology at Duke University and also University of North Carolina. As a public speaker in conferences, he contributes a lot with the things he finds out during his research. Exxon Mobil and Anadarko get his advice when they want to explore more mines and drills.

For the last 11 years, Matt Badiali has been always interacting with the people who are interested in his research and thesis on exploration. He writes books on financial analysis to keep people in the know on how to invest in various sectors. It is not only his understanding but he gets tips from many qualified financial advisors.

In the oil industry, he predicts whether a mine will be profitable or not. In case a company will use a lot in drilling, he would advise them on the way forward. The crew drilling is also scrutinized for qualification; it will help in knowing how well the project will end with the potency of the firm.

He is adored because of the huge profits made in the investments he has wisely made. Geology is risky but his courage and sharpness has led to his success. As drilling continues, he is also an environmental conservationist.

Matt attended Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University where he got a B.S and Masters respectively.