Matthew Autterson: Over Three Decades Of Financial Services Industry Success

Matthew Autterson has been a very successful financial services professional. He is also known for being a committed philanthropist that uses his time and resources to support a wide range of charitable organizations. Autterson started his career in

financial services more than 35 years ago when he was hired by First Trust Corporation. He remained with the company until 1982 before leaving to join a team that had the opportunity create a new Colorado based chartered trust company called Resources Trust Company. The company is a financial services firm Integrated Resources subsidiary.


Prior to becoming involved in the financial services industry, Matthew Autterson attended Michigan State University where he graduated with a BA in finance. He then took part in the Graduate Tax Program which was offered by the University of Denver. With a solid education background and training, Autterson was able to go on to make the most of the challenges and opportunities the financial services industry has to offer. And Matthew Autterson has done just that. In 1986, he became president of the financial services company Resources Trust Company.


Broad Incorporated, which later became SunAmerica, purchased Resources Trust Company along with all the other assets owned by Integrated Resources in 1989. With Matthew Autterson at the helm, Resources Trust Company continued to grow. AIG bought SunAmerica for $18 billion in 1998. By the time Fiserv made a deal with AIG to buy Resources Trust Company in 2001, then Matthew Autterson led firm had more than 200,000 clients, 700 staff members, in excess of $1 billion in deposits and $20 billion in custodial assets. It was among the country’s top state-chartered, depository trust companies that’s FDIC-insured.


Matthew Autterson is a respected leader in the Colorado business community, Matthew Autterson is clinical-stage drug development firm CNS Bioscience’s president and CEO. The focus of the company is neuropathic pain. He’s also on Falci Adaptive Biosystems’ board. Autterson also dedicates much of his time to philanthropy. He served on the board of Denver Zoo, the Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Hospice and the Webb-Waring Foundation. Not long ago, Matthew Autterson, a husband and father, helped raise over $600,000 to help the Denver Zoo’s new children’s carousel by drawing on his connections in the financial services field. Go To This Page for additional information.


A former member of the World Presidents Organization as well as the Young Presidents Organization, Matthew Autterson now spends much of his free time enjoying his children growing up.