NGP VAN Is The Democrats Secret Weapon

How exactly do Democratic campaigns tackle the new challenges of the digital age? In today’s age candidates and major political parties have to do more than knock on doors to win an election. They must be accurate and strategic to turn their precious time and money into citizen turnout. What used to work is antiquated. With the ever-changing digital landscape; keeping up and innovating is the difference between wasted resources and commanding wins. The contemporary campaign now utilizes data analytics, massive nationwide voter databases, and social media platforms to win. NGP VAN is a software that is capable of increasing voter turnout in key strategic areas, utilizing these techniques.


NGP VAN allows Democrats who run for office to target essential areas in their district using their independent software. NGP VAN a Washington, DC-based company, which utilizes web tools and mobile apps to identify potential voter bases in their community. Doing so connects them to critical neighborhoods and increases voter turnout. This technology focus advantage, allows large and small Democratic campaigns to plan strategically and avoid wasted time. Campaigns are already labor intensive but randomly knocking on doors can lead to misused opportunities and resources. In the 1950’s this was how you win, today is a different story.


With new technology comes modernization, and political campaigns take advantage of this. Tv and Radio in 1950 allowed grassroots campaigns to have a significant impact on voters. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was able to utilize radio with his fireside chats to relate to the common man and mobilize them to vote. The radio was a newer technology at the time, and FDR brilliantly took advantage of new tech. President Obama’s election is a classic example of keeping up with current technological trends to target decisive voters and win.


In today’s ever-changing tech-driven world, accuracy is now king, and technology allows NGP VAN to execute. A campaign that does not keep up with the evolving technology of data-driven apps risk losing because they are unable to mobilize voters. NGP VAN is a must for any campaign looking to assemble their district and win.