Nitin Khanna Agile with Innovative Strategies to Help Under-Performing Companies

Nitin Khanna has all along been a serial entrepreneur that to being free-spirited, innovative, determined, risk-taking among other personal virtues that have helped him stand out. One flyspeck and probably a great achievement is the Merger Tech, a company he runs alongside his brother Karan Khanna. This company focusses on startups and SMEs that are either looking for an exit strategy or ways to revamp its operations. It uses software or system that helps in linking buyers to sellers seamlessly. It has a search database developed to help build a network. Read more on Nitin’s achievements.

Merger Tech as Nitin Khanna explains sources for clients with struggling businesses, startups that desire to exit or diversify and established companies that want to venture into new trades. They then devise ways to have the enterprise on sale profitable or acquire the needed resources especially human personnel to steer it through. This has been a good venture for the duo as from the onset the business did not struggle to get clients. Apparently, within the first year since its inception, 10 deals had already been closed and six deals underway in the subsequent month.

Nitin Khanna agrees that the venture was highly ambitious but has turned out to be just great in all is the scope. He is happy that the investment niche he has created will facilitate other business to thrive and startups to endure the economy’s dynamics. Looking into the future, he hopes that someday, he will have his private equity fund that will help in acquisitions and mergers in company’s it desires to have a stake.

Nitin Khanna is an investor, businessman, and entrepreneur who has founded many startups. He is resourceful in business management and exit strategies for the same. Together with his brother, Karan Khanna they are running an innovative business, Merger Tech, where he is the Chief Executive Officer while the brother is the Chief Operating Officer.

He is of the Indian descent; was born and raised in Ambala. The Lawrence Schools, Sanawar and Purdue are his alma mater. Nitin Khanna is an Industrial Engineering graduate which explains his close technical skills and innovative nature. In the past, he co-founded Saber in 1998 which was sold at US$ 460MM. See more here.