OSI Food Solutions: Success in food business

OSI Food Solutions is a leading company in the world and one of the companies that are doing a great job of helping the people access processed foods. The company has its headquarters in Illinois, but it has spread its wing to different countries. Food products from this company are found on all continents, and it is possible that if you have ever bought any processed foods from the stores, it might have been from this company. It is one of the few companies in this industry that have a good reputation across all continents. OSI has built 65 food production plants in various locations around the world.

CEO Sheldon Lavin leads OSI Food Solutions. He is the longest-serving executive in this company. He has been in the company for the past four decades. Much of the expansion that has taken place in the company in the last four decades have been a result of his work. He has served the company diligently, and his wish is to see it perform better going forward. Although he is in his twilight age, he is still committed to creating a generation of leaders who will drive it in the manner he’s done. He is assisted in management by COO David McDonald, who is responsible for the expansion of the company around the globe.

OSI Food Solutions has an excellent reputation in the food industry, and this is the reason the company has been doing better when selling its products in different parts of the world. Due to its insistence on environmental protection, the company has received an award from the British Safety Council known as the Globe of Honour. This award goes to organizations which also shows good health standards in the production process, OSI Food Solution has indicated all these, and that is why they received the award.

OSI Food Solutions has expanded its plant in Toledo, Spain and doubled the production of chicken products. From the earlier production capacity of 12,000 tons, the production has increased to 24,000 tons. The increase has been necessitated by the increase in demand for these products. There has been an increase in demand for the past one decade, an indication that in the future, there will be a higher demand. The company has taken the expansion route to ensure everything is in place to accommodate the increased demand. In total, the Toledo plant will have a total production capacity of 45,000 tons.