Roseann Bennet on the field of therapy

Roseann Bennet is a professional therapist who graduated from Seton Hall University. She is now the Director of the Center of Assessment and Treatment. Roseann is a licensed therapist in family and marriage therapy. She holds a certification in cognitive behavior therapy from REACH Institute, a certificate in Clinical Trauma and another certificate in Child and Adolescent Trauma.

Roseann’s perspective on the field of therapy

How Roseann views the field of therapy is important because she holds different positions in this field. Roseann is an ACS Approved Supervisor and also an Approved Supervisor of the American Association for both Family and Marriage. Roseann also serves as the Northern Chapter President of the Marriage and Family Therapy Association that is located in New Jersey.

The motivation of Roseann’s dedication to therapy stems from her love of being part of the change in peoples lives. This is supported by her medical practice that she still carries out even though she is the executive directors of the center. When she sees someone changing his/her lifestyle after showcasing lack of hope, that is the most encouraging moment for her.

Roseann Bennett has seen the stigma towards counseling rising slowly while still a lot of work needs to be done. One of the ways in which the industry has changed is the improvement seen in counseling that is court ordered. This has been witnessed in divorce cases, and this has brought about the awareness that counseling is important.

The biggest challenge facing therapy

If someone is going through something, they should not wait for months to be treated. Roseann believes that time is the biggest challenge that needs to be countered. No one should wait for months to see a therapist. It is unfortunate that one can call a therapist for an appointment, only to be scheduled after a week. What Roseann has managed to do is to ensure that anyone who calls at the Center is seen as fast as possible. Roseann and her staff have managed to see their patients without delay for them to be able to get back to their lives as fast as possible.

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