Sightsavers Is Helping Those In Need

Sightsavers has multiple programs dedicated to helping people with impaired vision and preventing avoidable blindness. The organization treats neglected tropical diseases and supports programs for schistosomiasis and helminthiasis. It has been involved in deworming through drug administration that reduces worm loads. The treatment has a great benefit at a low cost.

Sightsavers’ studies have shown moderately positive results. The treatment is cost-effective for each child being dewormed for $1.19. Sightsavers is expected to receive less funding next year, but it hopes for additional funds of $6.4 million. GiveWell recommended that Good Ventures donate $2.5 million to the deworming program, reducing the required funding to $3.9 million for 2018 and 2019. The program has a great track record and Sightsavers assesses whether or not it is accessible to those that need it.

There is full transparency through full detailed information. More deworming work can be done if it can get more funding. Sightsavers has not been supporting deworming programs for very long, so there is some question as to how well the programs will perform in the future. GiveWell believes the organization has a limited track record when it comes to monitoring deworming programs, but it has monitored programs that run in a similar fashion. There are some methodological limitations. The organization has a lot of unrestricted funding and fundraising capacity. It is spending more money than other charities for fundraising. Sightsavers might have to spend less money on deworming programs, despite GiveWell directing funds. The organization has not put great amounts of unrestricted funding or restricted funding towards deworming in the years prior to 2018.

Sightsavers has supported efforts to help people in Africa with various eye conditions. Ghana became the first sub-Saharan African country to eliminate blinding trachoma in June 2018. Rahinatu was one of the last patients who received treatment. She is happy that she can now walk around the house and go outside freely.