Stream Energy: Providing Assistance and Relief to Hurricane Victims

The state of Texas is situated on the southeastern corner of the United States, facing the Gulf of Mexico which is a breeding center for powerful hurricanes. In 2017, Texas experienced one of the most terrible natural disasters in recent history – the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey, which is tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest hurricane on record. The devastation brought by the hurricane was unbelievable – entire coastal communities were wiped out by the storm surge, and the people who managed to survive lost their homes and other properties. The hurricane also devastated inland cities by pouring in torrential rains into rivers, creating a flash flood.

Stream Energy, an energy provider from Dallas, Texas, is aware of the situation that has affected thousands of people across the state. They mobilized their rescue and relief department called Stream Cares immediately after the disaster unleashed its wrath. Stream Energy donated cash to the American Red Cross to fund supplies for the survivors, and they also brought food, water, and clothing to those who are staying inside evacuation centers. Stream Energy also assessed the damage caused by the hurricanes in properties and the energy supply, promising that they will help in rebuilding communities that were wiped out. The company would also engage in the restoration of power across the state and in all places that were hugely affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Volunteers who have partnered with Stream Cares went out to ground zero and looked for survivors who managed to escape the raging waters, and they were all taken to evacuation centers where they will be spending weeks to recover. The company rewarded these volunteers, saying that they are the kind of people needed by the company to ensure the safety of the public.

Stream Energy continues to become one of the leading energy providers in Texas and other nearby states. The establishment of Stream Cares is their way to say thanks to all of the people who have supported the company since they started to deliver energy services to thousands of homes. The company also promised that Stream Cares will be responding every time a disaster will hit, and they will do everything to save those who needed rescue.