Sussex Healthcare: Progressing Forward In Senior Care

Sussex Healthcare (SHC) is a system of senior living homes and facilities in Sussex, UK. They provide varying levels of care, including assisted living, elder care, nursing and residential care. They have been in operation for over 25 years. While they have always been committed to person-centered service, they continue to research and develop better ways to help their patients and patients’ families.

One way that Sussex Healthcare is improving their level of service is through their information technology system. They have upgraded the phone system and the computer operating systems. Keeping IT systems up-to-date facilitates a more efficient operation of the business. When a problem arises with any technology, be it hardware or software, the IT team at SHC can address the problem quickly and sometimes even proactively before a problem becomes a bigger issue.

Another process improvement action in place is team building. Each facility in the Sussex Healthcare system has a group of dedicated employees that work together. Open communication between employees and supervisors is encouraged, and many times the employees have a sense of family relationship with each other. They are committed to not only doing their jobs well, but also helping their coworkers do their best. Sussex Healthcare: Celebrating 25 Years of Care.

Sussex Healthcare is also more closely examining the daily activities that occur in each facility. In doing this detailed self-assessment, they can identify areas that need improving and refining. They can also strengthen programs and activities that are doing well. One way they have done this is by partnering with the organization Oomph. Oomph develops physical activity programs and helps healthcare facilities like SHC to improve and expand activities for their customers. This enhances the physical, mental and emotional well-being for the aging communities they assist. SHC’s goal in all of this is to move away from large group activities and provide a more personalized program, both inside and outside the homes.

Sussex Healthcare is a company dedicated the highest quality service for those whom they serve. They engage in continuous process improvement in all phases of the business. Sussex Healthcare is a model of a successfully growing organization.

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