Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Praises New Program Releases.

Talk Fusion is back at it again with a new slate of video-based marketing tools that will quickly find a home with businesses on both ends of the size spectrum. Talk Fusion is, of course, one of the more well-known video marketing and direct-selling companies on the internet. They were formed back in 2007 by CEO and Founder Bob Reina and since then they’ve been working to constantly release updated video marketing tools. Talk Fusion started with their flagship application, a Video Email client, and now they are working to promote their newest program: the exciting and innovative Video Chat.


Video Chat is a cross-platform marketing tool that does exactly what its name would imply. Video Chat connects users through a video-streaming interface for live video communication. The application is available on iOS and Android devices and it can be used on both mobile platforms and desktop platforms. Video Chat allows users to log on and create a private ‘meeting room’ which can be revisited at any point in time. The private video chatroom operates as a potential stronghold for businesses to reach out to customers in a customer service manner or for private, regular and non-commercial conversations. The application works on WiFi, 3G, and 4G and you can invite people to your room via email or text. The applications that something like Video Chat can be used for are pretty much endless.


Talk Fusion has a history of introducing game-changing marketing tools to the public and they’ve not shied away from pushing the envelope. Last year, Talk Fusion reveled in a variety of industry awards for their Video Chat app while taking home several high-profile WebRTC-based awards. Now, Talk Fusion is working to keep momentum on their side as they continue to push the new WebRTC platform. This includes introducing the world to Live Meetings.


Live Meetings is one of the newer and potentially more interesting video marketing tools that Reina and his team have been working on. Live Meetings offers live, massive group conferencing in video format to companies that want to spread their message in a live way as fast as possible to as many people as possible. Live Meetings allows businesses to rotate video hosts while broadcasting to rooms of upwards of 100 people at a time. The use for something like this is pretty clear and businesses would do well to get involved sooner than later. Learn more: