The Contribution Of Jason Hope To The Research About Control Of Aging Effects

In the current world, aging comes along with a number of disadvantages that makes life tough in the late ages. Aging is known to be associated with chronic diseases among other effects. Jason Hope a successful entrepreneur has brought hope to the biotechnology world by playing a major role in the research of developing drugs that are responsible for combating the undesirable effects of aging. Jason Hope has contributed by donating a total of 500,000 USD to the organization responsible for the research done in an effort to come up with drugs that can treat diseases associated with aging as well as controlling the effects. His notable contribution to the organization SENS has helped develop a laboratory and a program for conducting research that focuses on investing cures for diseases associated with aging.

Degenerative diseases speed up aging and destroy the body. These diseases are like Alzheimer’s disease among others. The organization has come up with a program for the development of anti aging treatments. The program ensures efficient metabolism to reduce the degenerating process and body breakdown processes. This program steered Jason Hope to contribute to the organization since he felt that there was not enough research conducted on treatments that are effective. The past researches have been ineffective since tests were carried out on animals which have led researchers to discover the diversity complexity between humans and animals.

This has led to a much clearer research objective. The research has led to the discovery that the human tissues have only one aging tissue, unlike animals which have several tissues responsible for aging. This means that contributors LIKE Jason Hope have an opportunity of aiding important discoveries in the medical field. Jason Hope, a resident of Scottsdale in Arizona, was born in Tempe in the same country. He later joined the University of Arizona State and studied a finance degree and later proceeded to a school of business where he earned his MBA. This anchored him to the business world where he earned recognition internationally due to his success in the business field. As a result of his experience, he also became a mentor to students and entrepreneurs. Click here.