Neurocore successfully treats ADHD and depression through mind training by use of biofeedback and neurofeedback. The use of Neurocore solves other conditions as well such as Migraines, stress, and insomnia. It helps those who have a problem in focusing their attention. This treatment is far preferred over pharmaceuticals which are expensive and have side effects that are not pleasant. See more information about Neurocore at

Those who are treated at Neurocore watch movies in the treatment process. EEG electrodes are fixed on their earlobes and heads, but before then, a paste that is conducive is first applied to them by the experts. Use of medical equipment monitors the speed of breath, brain waves, and heart rate of every individual. The pictures in motion are utilized to give feedback to the patient. Playing movie throughout when there is a proper balance of the brain, it aids in rewarding the mind.

The information gained in this process helps brain specialists to get a precise knowledge of the activities in the patient’s mind. This information enables them to trace the problem source and give the required treatment to the patient. Again this improves their focus and works under minimal stress. Read more about Neurocore at

In case the patient ceases to breathe deeply or the activities of the mind become unbalanced, it is detected by the equipment, and it takes action automatically. The equipment makes the picture to be smaller in size or pauses the movie temporarily. The mind of the patient detects a negative feedback and with instinct attempts to work in a manner that is more stable. For the patients to achieve benefits that are long-term, they must go through the treatment for not less than 30 times. The Neurocore clinic has to carry out several experiments which will help them to use this process of neurofeedback efficiently.

Those individuals with abnormal mental functions that can usually be treated get improvements that are lasting in the Neurocore clinics. Statistics from the company shows that out of four people, only three who can use the few drugs prescribed to them after treatment. It involves those individuals who avoid medications completely. Neurocore solves this predicament where people have to use medication and others find it hard to get treated this way. There are no worrying side effects reported from those who have gone through the treatment. No complaint as well that has reached the officials of Better Business Bureau (BBB).