William Saito – Japanese/American businessman

Technology keeps improving and evolving over time as an article by Gazetteday presents the question if Russia is the next big leader of Technology. It is everywhere and there is no way around it with many different brands like Samsung, GE, Apple, among many others, although, abroad brands have overtaken American technology globally like Samsung and Toshiba. Russia is the one nation that was not well-known when it comes to the advancement of technology as the only thing they are known for is the antivirus system called Kaspersky. Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus/security ones around today. The country has made advancement in technology recently and in the past, one thing they are greatly known for is founding science.

This is where businessman William Saito plays a role as he set out to destroy the perceived bias on Russia and their technological breakthroughs in his memoir “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” Saito makes a note about how Russia’s economy is so focused on oil and gas and would need to focus on those to be successful. William Saito had been invited to a meeting with one of Russia’s largest technological corporations called Renovo. The businessman strongly believes that creativity is central to Russia’s technology. Other companies have sided with William Saito’s beliefs about Russia becoming a leader in the tech industry in due time. They believe that Russian products are just as efficient or as good as American products and Asian ones. Russia has been fraught with criticism due to focusing on politics, instead of technology. They have the potential to become a leader in green technology. At the heart of technology though is good old competition as there are many brands out there for customers to choose from. Many do not see that Russia is a giant when it comes to technology because it has been wrought with politics. The article ends with other companies paying strict attention to Russia as they have the chance to become a big power when it comes to technology.